Provide COVID-19 Recovery and Relief

COVID-19 is the most critical issue facing West Palm Beach.  Shalonda will listen to the health care professionals, work with county, state, and federal officials to ensure relief and recovery are getting to residents and businesses in a timely manner.

Create Good Local Jobs

We need a healthy, vibrant economy that attracts new companies and jobs so that children in West Palm Beach don’t have to move to pursue their career goals elsewhere.  It starts with the City Commission, creating a climate that encourages economic development and job creation. Shalonda has over 30 years of business experience and has work with our community on programs to create local jobs and support local West Palm Beach businesses.

Prioritize Neighborhoods Improvements

West Palm Beach is a unique city made up of a group of diverse neighborhoods.  As a long time community advocate, Shalonda understands this.  Shalonda has a track record of working with our neighborhoods to celebrate their unique characteristics.  As your city commissioner, Shalonda will increase communications between residents and local neighborhoods.  The best way to make positive change is by listening to the issues that matter most to communities.

Improve Public Safety

The city needs to hire more police officers and firefighters, and we need to pay them a competitive wage so we don’t lose good employees to neighboring departments. It’s shortsighted to train new officers and then lose them to other departments because we don’t pay them a competitive salary.  We need to continue looking at ways to improve police training including working with social services and mental health professionals who can offer techniques for de-escalating certain situations.

Focus on Workforce Housing

Housing affordability is becoming a more significant issue in West Palm Beach as property values continue to increase.  Families, young professionals, teachers and first responders are struggling to find affordable housing within the City of West Palm Beach.  We need to focus on increasing the availability of workforce and affordable housing.  Shalonda has experience advocating for affordable housing and understands what it takes.

People are commuting more, which places a more significant impact on our infrastructure and hurts our environment.  We need to focus on increasing the availability of workforce and affordable housing.  Many of our first responders live outside the community they serve due to cost.

Protect Our Water Supply

Everyone in West Palm Beach deserves clean water. We need to ensure our drinking water is clean and available to every community.  It requires long-term planning and investments to meet today’s demands while planning for tomorrow’s new residents. Shalonda opposes the State Road 7, Roebuck Road and Jog Road extensions.

Address Homelessness

To really address homelessness in our city, we need to address the root causes.  It begins with creating programs to help get people off the streets and into temporary housing.  From there, we need to ensure they have the support and access to resources to help find more permanent solutions, including job training and mental health professionals.  It takes a team effort, collaboration with social service providers, and the ability to approach this issue with innovative ideas.

Support Minority and Women Entrepreneurs

Shalonda has a long history of advocating for underrepresented communities.  While black-owned businesses in the city increased 34% over the last decade, there is still a lot of work to do.  We need to increase outreach efforts that highlight the programs available to encourage and increase participation.